Our workflow

1. Gross

2. Process

3. Embed

4. Cut

5. Stain

6. Scan

7. Quality control

8. Global access

Our mission is to fight cancer cooperatively instead of individually by connecting scientists, clinicians and patients for online collaboration.

Previously, there was no large annotated Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) repository for histopathology data, making collaboration difficult and bioinformatics-driven discovery impossible. HistoWiz initiated the effort to break down data silos by digitizing histology slides from different academic institutes and pharmas in 2013.

Unlike histology core facilities and CROs, we guarantee a 3 day turnaround time from wet tissue submission to digital slides on a cloud database. PathologyMap™ is currently the largest online preclinical pathology database allowing online viewing, tagging, collaboration, search, comparison and analysis of histopathology data across different laboratories and hospitals around the world.

HistoWiz has developed a scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure to archive and manage multi-terabyte databases. Unlike current technologies that process the slides into smaller image tiles as a user zooms in and requires the download of additional software or gigabyte-sized files, our novel web viewer allows instant global access of glass slides on any computer or mobile device like a “virtual microscope.”

Why Histowiz?

Research is competitive. Time is money. Whether you need that groundbreaking paper submitted quickly, have a grant deadline or want to work remotely to analyze, manage and collaborate, HistoWiz is your one-stop solution for histopathology services.


  • 3-day guaranteed turnaround time
  • Instant web-access of digital results


  • On-demand services
  • Web-based tools automate Fedex shipping, payment and data sharing
  • Online collaboration anytime, anywhere


  • Competitive pricing compared to academic core facilities and CROs
  • Cloud-based computing offers the lowest price on data management


  • Automated high quality histology
  • Proprietary multi-step QC procedures
  • World-renowned pathology experts
  • Deep understanding of cancer research practices


  • Eliminate glass slide breakage, misplacement and handling
  • Encrypted database with backup and disaster recovery