Frequently asked questions

How do I get my samples to you?

Histowiz has integrated Fedex into our website, allowing you to automatically print out a shipping label during online order submission. For some institutions, we have installed free dropboxes which we use to pickup and drop off your samples. Here is a list of current dropboxes. Please contact us if you’d like a dropbox in your institution.

How do I ship my samples?

You can ship your samples in 25ml/50ml falcon tubes with 10% NBF or 4% PFA. If your samples are already fixed for 24-48 hours, you can ship them in 70% alcohol. Fedex and other major shipping providers accept wet tissue. Please see detailed sample preparation and shipping instructions here.

What’s a PO number?

Please contact your account payable department to set up a blanket purchase order for our services and enter it during order submission. We will use it to invoice as the work is being completed.

I don’t have a PO number.

Please use your credit card information to complete the online order form. If you’d like a quote from us, please contact us. No work will be done without a valid P.O. or credit card.

How do I get my results?

HistoWiz will email you when your order is completed. You can can instantly view, share, tag, search, analyze and download your digital slides on any PC/Mac/tablet/smartphone as long as there is internet. All slides older than 30 days will be automatically archived but you can still see the thumbnails and retrieve them anytime. We do not charge for long-term data archival and your slides will never be deleted; you only pay for keeping slides online for your desired period.

I have specific instructions for my sample. How do I get that information to you?

We have a ‘special instructions’ field on our order form so that you can relay your custom specifications. We also allow for uploads of PDFs or images that can help with your sample processing.

I don’t see my antibody listed on your IHC catalog. Can you still stain it for me?

We are happy to optimize new antibodies for researchers. We ask for a 40-50ul aliquot of the antibody along with the datasheet and positive and negative control slides. We may be able to purchase the antibody and supply the control tissue for you as well.

How do I ship an antibody?

Use ice packs or dry ice and ship them overnight.

What is automated image analysis?

Automated image analysis quantifies whole slide images in seconds and provides unbiased raw data on cell number, cell size, tumor volume, % biomarker positivity, stain intensity, vessel density and more. We primarily use HALO image analysis software by Indica Labs.

How do I include HistoWiz images in my publication?

We kindly ask you to use our sharable link for the slides in your paper allowing the reviewers and readers to access the entire slide instead of the traditional “postage stamp” pictures. This will help increase your credibility, help the journals to promote open access and minimize data bias, help the readers to better view histology data, and help us generate website traffic. Let us know the slides you want to publish and we will keep them online on our cloud database for as long as needed for your studies for free. Once your paper is published, please send us the citation so we can promote your paper in our marketing materials.