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We believe that scientists should spend their time analyzing results, not doing repetitive work like cutting tissues or cataloguing slides.

The HistoWiz platform combines cutting-edge technology, optimized workflows and a dedicated, expert team to bring you the most efficient histology service for experimental pathology specimens. From the moment we receive your samples to the instant you can view your results online, we have one goal: to get you the highest quality results in the shortest time at the most competitive price.

Our website allows instant remote access, collaboration, and analysis of virtual slides on any PC, Mac or mobile device without the need to download additional software or gigabyte-sized files. Try it out—explore our demo library.

Sample preparation and Shipping Instructions

You can automatically generate Fedex shipping labels during online order submission


Sample Harvest and Shipping

These preservatives are exempt and not regulated by Department of Transportation. When shipping:

Dissection protocol (courtesy of UCSD Histology Core).