The world’s largest, most comprehensive online pathology database
that incorporates global scientific data

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"Google Maps for Scientists"

  • View, search & annotate

    • Eliminate glass slide breakage, misplacement and handling
    • Easily view, compare, tag, search and analyze hi-res images (40X magnification) online
    • on any PC, Mac or mobile device
    • Download-free, plugin-free, and operating system agnostic
    • Compatible with images generated from slide scanners by Leica, 3DHistotech, Bioimagene, Hamamatsu, and others
  • Collaboration & Crowdsourcing

    • Host your data privately or contribute to our crowdsourced database
    • Access and share your histology data with collaborators anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Discovery & analysis

    • Publish digital slides to give journal reviewers and readers an unbiased view of histology data instead of the traditional “postage stamp” pictures
    • Run computational models examining slides from specimens of a specific species, genotype, organ, stain, biomarker, lesion and experimental condition
  • Storage

    • Archive terabytes of data at the lowest cost for as long as needed
    • Encrypted database with backup and disaster recovery facility

Some use cases

  • Exploration/study design/antibody selection
  • Confirmation/narrow down hypotheses
  • Find rare cases and diagnoses
  • Re-analyze data for a different biological process
  • Compare data to discover similarities and insights
  • Purchase unstained slides to stain with a different biomarker

Join us to fight cancer cooperatively instead of individually.

We are building a scientific community to encourage collaboration between scientists, pathologists and patients. PathologyMap™ allows researchers everywhere to access the massive amount of unpublished histopathology data and unstained slides from contributing labs, reducing repetitive research and enabling breakthroughs from aggregate data. We’ve created a highly curated, searchable and annotable database that allows researchers to pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for—as well as see what others have to say about it.

Our database not only allows users to look at different types of cancers comprehensively at a large scale, but also allows for viewing of biomarker localization and tumor-stroma microenvironment at micrometer detail. Thus HistoWiz enables not only cancer researchers and clinicians, but medical students, programmers, and anyone interested in learning more about a certain type of cancer to step inside the field and access the latest discoveries from the cancer research community. This expands the cancer research team thousands of fold and increases the probability of finding a cure.

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