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All items are price per slidePremium 48 hr3 days10 days3 days10 days
Wet tissue to digital slide package
Special stain (e.g. Trichrome, PAS)$59$44$33$29$23
IHC (using HistoWiz validated antibodies)$109$73$59$49$43
TUNEL or new antibody optimization$179$141$117$91$67
FFPE block to digital slide package
Special stain$39$31$26$23$17
IHC (using HistoWiz validated antibodies)$100$67$55$43$39
TUNEL or new antibody optimization$159$133$105$87$63
Data management services
Slide Scanning - 40x (include 1 month free online access)$22$16$10$5$2
Monthly online viewing fee$1$1$1freefree
Automated image analysis or Expert pathologist diagnosis
1-25 slides$68$43$33$29$23
25-100 slides$61$41$31$24$19
101-250 slidesN/A$37$27$18$13
A la carte services
Gross, Process and Embed$21$12$10$10$8
Unstained slide$16$10$8$8$5
H&E staining$17$12$8$8$5
Special Stain$28$20$15N/AN/A
IHC (using HistoWiz validated antibodies)$91$62$52N/AN/A
TUNEL or new antibody optimization staining$159$102$92N/AN/A
Step section surcharge$11$8$6$5$5
Bone decalcification$11$7$5$4$2
Double Staining IHC (using HistoWiz validated antibodies)$161$124$112$100$78
Multiplex IHC and ISH (cost of probes/reagents not included)N/A$61$57$50$37
Hourly consultation (custom antibody setup, protocols, reporting)$75$75$75$50$50
100 slide box, packing and handling$30$20$20$10$10
25 slide box, packing and handling$20$10$10$5$5

* Pricing is based on our Consent Agreement to PathologyMap Contributors, which permits us to share your slides and metadata with members of the scientific community one year after you sign the agreement. Contributors receive an average 25% discount for all services and free online viewing of their digital slides indefinitely. You can read the entire submission agreement when you place an order online. For large volume orders, special requests (e.g. tumor enrichment, nanostring isolation, bulk data tranfer) or pathologist consultation (e.g. slides with multiple tissues, pre-IND study interpretation and strategic design), please contact us for a quote.

Method of payment

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