The HistoWiz Story

As a PhD student and a postdoctoral scientist, Ke Cheng spent much of her time doing her own histology. She and her colleagues performed tedious tissue processing, sectioning and staining by themselves because the academic supporting facilities were slow, did not utilize labor and equipment efficiently and lacked the IT infrastructure to manage large amounts of digital data.

In the recent years, there is a trend to outsource routine lab work such as genotyping and sequencing to automated service companies. However, histology has lagged behind. Ke founded HistoWiz in order to accelerate biomedical research by providing automated histology services and propelling them into the modern cloud-based digital IT era. HistoWiz, by merging traditional histology services with pathology expertise and a growing database, aims to become the global leader in histopathology for the biomedical research community.

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